Conceptual Study Services

By accommodating and developing the client's ideas, RPE is capable of producing from sketches to comprehensive engineering products that accurately fulfill the Client's needs for specific facilities.

Front End Engineering Design

Front End Engineering Design ( FEED) Services are developed from basic/conceptual engineering design with requirements to provide a more complete and thorough multi-discipline engineering product.

Detailed Engineering Design

Since its establishment, RPE has participated in Detailed Engineering Design (DED) Services and has core competencies and know-how, including understanding client expectations for services.

Project Management Services

RPE's Project Management Services provides reliable, professional support to EPC contractors, enabling them to achieve quality performance, on-time project schedule and cost-efficiency.

Integrated EPCI Services

PT. Raga Perkasa Ekaguna provides complete and integrated EPCI services for both Offshore and Onshore projects.  PT. Raga Perkasa Ekaguna is aware that the nature of EPCI services requires timely action and progress to ensure the project schedule is within if not ahead of schedule.

Operation and Maintenance Services

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